Chris Dancy is joining Nextm on the 9th of March in Helsinki

What happens when the Internet disappears?


Featured in Wired, Mashable, TechCrunch, the Wall Street Journal, and Businessweek. Interviewed by NPR, the BBC, and Fox News. Purveyor of TED talks. Subject of TED talks. And now headlined by Showtime’s Dark Net.

Chris Dancy is touted as “the Most Connected Human on Earth,” and the world is watching those connections carefully. For 25 years, Dancy has served in leadership within the technology and healthcare industries, specializing in the intersection of the two. Chris entered the public dialog concerning digital health as the media started to focus on wearable technology. He earned his moniker by utilizing up to 700 sensors, devices, applications, and services to track, analyze, and optimize his life–from his calorie intake to his spiritual well-being. This quantification enables him to see the connections of otherwise invisible data, resulting in dramatic upgrades to his health, productivity, and quality of life.
The most connected human on Earth

Chris Dancy is named the most connected human on earth after spending four years connecting all the devices he adorns to every smart technology in his home. He then went ahead and piped all that data through to a single online platform. He can now search his entire life that he calls my inner-net. Chris started gathering data eight years ago when he noticed his doctor was having a hard time keeping up with his health records. Around the same time, he was worried that the work he did on the Internet could be lost if there’s a service shutdown. In an effort to collect this information, he started looking for ways he could gather data when he didn’t have time to write things down. This data assisted living according to Dancy has revolutionalised his life. He was able to lose 100 pounds in 18 months. He also lives in a calm and safe state since he knows that every moment of his Iife is being archived.

Dancy believes that in a world where most companies are integrating smart technology into products, it will only be a matter of time before people adopt his kind of lifestyle. He, however cautions that in a smart world, people should learn when to share information. “There are mountains of data in everything we use at home, even when it’s not smart. By the end of the decade, there will not be a job on earth that hasn’t been changed by smart objects, wearable computing or personal information” Dancy says.

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