GroupM with its agencies brings the Nextm conference to Finland for the first time.

Nextm is the largest digital transformation conference in the Nordics.

Inspire new thinking

In a world of rapid technological advancement and consumer changes, our role is to anticipate disruption, create opportunities and produce maximum value. Nextm is a forum to inspire new thinking, ignite conversation and deliver exposure to concepts, original thinking and unexpected change agents.

”Nextm is all about coming together, do innovations, to experiment with new technologies, new platforms and finding out how we can integrate new technologies in our media solutions” says Mikkel Hagedorn, GroupM’s Head of innovation and the inventor of Nextm Event.

Since 2015 the yearly Nextm conference has provided attendees with a forward look at key areas of evolution in our collective business that advertisers must be prepared to address in order to gain an advantage in the emerging digital media ecosystems.

Digital transformation of marketing

GroupM Finland’s COO Antti Mäki comments: ”I’m very excited to bring Nextm to Helsinki! Our clients have found the event incredibly useful in understanding bigger trends that will shape not only the way we market but the way we live. NextM will bring world-class speakers, technology (VR, AR, etc.) and it’ll be great to take a step back from day to day work and broaden the horizons with new thoughts and tech. I’m looking forward to having interesting conversations with our clients and partners and being inspired!”


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