Two keynotes speakers announced to NextM Helsinki

Dr. Kate Stone and Aral Balkan will be attending GroupM's martech conference NextM at Tapahtumakeskus Telakka in March 2018.

The inventor of digital print is coming to Finland

An absolute top speaker at NextM Copenhagen and Stockholm in 2017 and a TED talker, Dr Kate Stone had to be invited to Helsinki for 2018! This charming innovator with a Cambridge PhD turns print into something fun and magic by bringing interactive elements into play. A pizza tray turned DJ console is just one example of how her inventions can be applied to involve consumers.

Read more about Kate Stone and her revolutionary technology here.


Cyborg Revolutions!
Aral Balkan is a cyborg rights activist working for social justice in the digital age. He is also the author of the web privacy tool Better and believes surveillance capitalism isn’t compatible with human rights, democracy, or a future with humans in it. His talk will no doubt be controversial to many marketers in the NextM audience. 

More info on Aral Balkan’s keynote here.