Two new keynotes speakers announced to NextM Helsinki

Cadi Jones and David Rozac will be attending GroupM's martech conference NextM at Tapahtumakeskus Telakka in March 2018.

Our main partner on the main stage!
Presenting our next keynote speaker at NextM on March 21-22: We’ve been talking about cross-device targeting and multi-screening at home for many years – but how should we approach that in Out of Home? As a digital native joining one of the oldest media companies, Clear Channel International’s Commercial Innovation Director, Cadi Jones, will share her learnings from the last 18 months about the digital transformation of OOHand her vision for a truly omni-channel future.

More on our great main partner speaker here.


Advertising for advertising
David Rozac has worked in the advertising space for 15 years, first at a creative digital agency, then at Google and now as Director of Product at Celtra, a creative management platform for digital advertising. His NextM topic? Is creative a luxury or a means to achieve effectiveness? What is mobile first creative today? What is innovation? Can 90’s electronic music teach us anything relevant in answering these questions? Come along for the ride and don’t forget your earplugs!

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